Services for companies

We take full care of the image of our clients.
We dress them, help them through personal development, but we also capture the uniqueness of their personalities, services or products.

Corporate training

Courses for companies, managers, businessmen, company and sales representatives and everyone who cares about how they affect their surroundings.

We teach the rules of etiquette, public performance, communication, rhetoric and image creation. During our training, everyone will find out where their strengths and their weaknesses are in this field and how to work on them.

We train our clients so that they can apply all the information obtained in practice and are ready to handle every situation elegantly.

We always adjust the content of the seminar according to the client’s needs.

Production of advertising campaigns

Quality presentation online and offline is the basis on the way to success. We provide our clients with comprehensive production support of promo photos for their services or products. However, we also offer corporate photography or memories to a private album. We cooperate with leaders in their fields to provide our clients not only with photographs which exceed their imagination, but we also want the process itself to be an experience they will be happy to remember.

Production and men’s styling are provided by image expert and designer Lenka Bernardes, women’s beauty is underlined by fashion coach and designer Helena Bedrnová. The photographs themselves are created by the world-renowned photographer Věra Vernerová.

Corporate culture and dresscode

Corporate dresscode brings an element of integrity and prestige to the company, because employees are an important part of your company’s image. I believe that a uniform can be both fashionable and practical clothing. I therefore design and manufacture professional clothing for entire companies across industries.

Of course, the client is also acquainted with the care of uniforms and wearing it, training employees and creating a “staff culture”.