Personal development and consultation

Our goal is not to change clients, but to open up new possibilities for them to work with their originality and potential.

Personal color palette

Don’t know which colors are right for you? Tired of shopping? You don’t wear the clothes you buy and you often stand in front of your “full” wardrobe and don’t have anything to wear? Then a personal color palette is made just for you.

The dressing methodology according to the personal color palette is based on pigmentation. The basis for its compilation are your natural colors (skin, lips, eyes and hair). Personal taste and lifestyle also play an important role.

During our meeting, I will teach you how to perceive your personal colors, how to use them when choosing clothes, accessories and how to wear them. You will find out which colors suit you and which ones you should avoid. The result is a complete color palette from white to black, which you can take with you at any time. The palette is a great shopping helper.

The goal is that shopping is not stress, but fun. Everything you buy will be used and it will not be a problem for you to come up with a great outfit for any occasion. The use of a color palette by clients often leads to an increase in self-confidence and the development of a distinctive fashion style.

The Personal Color Palette is a unique product designed by Lenka Bernardes and is protected by copyright.

Image of a successful man

Are you a man for whom shopping is a waste of time? Do you need to make a wardrobe so that in the morning you do not have to think about what to wear and how to choose the right dress code?

As part of an individual personal meeting, we will set a complete wardrobe based on your work position, lifestyle and taste. I will design clothes suitable for work, company and leisure. The result of our cooperation will be a distinctive style and an original custom-made wardrobe, in which you can always easily and quickly choose clothes for any occasion.

In addition, I will teach you the basics of social and business etiquette, so you will be prepared for any situation. Whether it occurs during a business meeting or during a public presentation.

Image of a successful woman

Do you feel that you do not know your character and have no idea what suits you? Do you want to find your distinctive fashion style?

I will compile for you a basic palette of colors to help you choose clothes. I will teach you how to work with your character, how to shop appropriately, how to make a wardrobe and combine clothes so that you shine at every business or social meeting. I will show you how to emphasize your originality and femininity through fashion.